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Starting Over For Women
What to Do to Prepare for Your First Date!

After being in a long term marriage or dating relationship, we often need a fresh approach to life and even more importantly our image. Most times, an change is in order

A makeover can be the most element in preparing for dating again. Many people have spent years caring for others and consequently have neglected both their appearance and their own emotional needs.

Getting a new hair style and some more stylish clothing can both boost one’s self esteem as well as attract the attention a man.

It is amazing how a new hairstyle can create a more youthful and confident individual. That transformation can open up a whole new world especially for someone who has been sheltered and attached during their younger years.

A few months in the gym can also help you feel better physically and psychologically. The stress of a breakup can be many times overwhelming and it is a known fact that excercise helps stress levels. If you cannot afford a gym membership, walking, excercise and light weights can provide the same results.

When choosing new clothes, you should be realistic about your body type as well as your age group. It is true that the styles today favor the younger generation, but if you are not 25 then you should possibly not dress for that age group.

You might want to take a friend with you to help you pick out clothes that are appealing to your body type for your first date. Many people have difficulty deciding what really suits them and sales people tend to want to sell with sometimes little regard for your benefit.

For women, a nice pair of jeans and a basic black pair of slacks is a good start if you are on a limited budget. For tops, get a basic everyday wear top that is flattering to your figure and then possibly a little sexier one for evening wear.

To accessorize, try a few nice pieces of costume jewelry. Men love it and it can usually dress up an outfit that might be a bit outdated or inexpensive. You can find fairly inexpensive jewelry at discount stores such as Steinmart, JC Pennys and Target.

There are two more things that you must not forget! Fragrance and a great manicure and pedicure. Men notice these from the onset and they will definitely score points!

Fragrance is very personal. One that I adore and recommend is Angel by Thierry Mugler. When I say men LOVE it, I am not exaggerating. I get stopped everywhere I go by men wanting to know what I am wearing.

Lastly, make sure that your nails are nicely groomed as well as your toes if you wear sandals. Men are drawn to hands as well as feet and they will be noted to be sure! If you cannot afford to have them done, buy a buffer and some polish and do your own.

Now, you are ready from head to toe to venture out on your first date. Good Luck!! login
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